In 2004, the World Health Organization estimated 2.4 billion people lacked access to adequate sanitation. Odor and unpleasant conditions associated with most public latrines contribute to be the number one health problem in the world today...Infectious diarrhea.

With the anticipated population growth over the next 30 years projected to occur in areas without adequate facilities the problem will only get worse.
  • Latrines that are not clean and odor free are not used
  • A usable latrine is the first line of defense against diarrhea
What are they saying?

Reports are now coming in from Africa and Latin America where it is currently being deployed.

Fran in Kenya has reported ZERO odors at the latrines that are being tested. There are 20 test toilets and two control toilets. She emailed to say that:

"...the odor has completely been eliminated in the school toilets... The community has been totally supportive, and is amazed with the results."

David in Uganda wrote:

"In the St Johnson School in the village of Bira, our volunteers followed your directions to apply the solution which reduced the odor level to the point of practically no significant smell. We were also successful in eliminating odors at the Ssejinja Guest compound. The product was activated and then mixed into a large container of water and then sprayed in the latrines. We had a 100% smell free zone during the three weeks I was there."
Latrine Solutions

The Problem: What to do with human waste

In many parts of the world poorly maintained, odorous, pathogen and disease laden latrines are a common method of waste containment.

The problem of safely disposing of human waste is an issue faced by billions of people worldwide. The typical solution is a pit latrine or variation thereof. Latrines as a solution often fail in public and other large volume facilities because odors are so bad that people stop using them. The result is the further spread of diseases - generally beginning with diarrhea.

Thousands of schools throughout the world use open pit latrines often with over 500 children in each school using them.

In many parts of the world, children under 5 years old have as many as 5 to 10 cases of diarrhea per year. In some countries the problems is so great that as much as 13% of its infant mortality is associated with diarrhea.

Introducing the GMG Latrine Answer®

The Solution:

GMG's solution was developed in the US to deal with animal waste on large farms and the odors, etc. the waste generates.

The Latrine Answer® quickly neutralizes odors. It has been used in homes, zoos and kennels as well as farms. It is an easy-to apply, non-toxic product and it is completely safe for use around humans and animals.

The product and application protocols have now been developed to deal directly with the issues common to all latrines and facilities that handle human waste.

It's important to note our Solution is NOT a masking agent!

About the GMG Latrine Answer®

  • Affordable: It is affordable
  • Long Lasting: It is a self-regenerating, natural, living bio system that thrives in these conditions
  • Fast working - It immediately goes to work by producing extraordinary amounts of dissolved and free oxygen
More information on how it works:

  • The oxygen our solution creates neutralizes odor-causing anaerobes through oxygen saturation
  • Billions of the microbes use the sulfur and mercaptan (the principle cause of the odor) as food
  • The cycle remains active over wide ranges of temperatures
  • The process continues to generate oxygen
How does it help control disease?

In addition to odor control, the process eliminates flies, eggs, maggots, tapeworms, pathogens and harmful bacteria - as well as a host of other disease carriers.

Our cost-effective answer is a living bio system that immediately goes into solution to produce exponential amounts of dissolved and free oxygen. This new oxygen neutralizes odor-causing anaerobes. It is an odor-neutralizing process that is re-created and captured in a balanced micro ecosystem.

It eliminates flies and other disease carrying insects and parasites from the latrine sites.

How is it applied and how fast acting is it?

The GMG Latrine Answer® is easily applied to latrine areas. It ships in small, light weight packets that are mixed with water at a ratio of one packet to 5 gallons of water. The mixture is then sprayed over the latrine area twice per day. Five gallons (20 liters) lasts for 10 days.

How safe is it to use?

It is safe to use on plants and on animals as a natural biological odor-neutralizer.

What about other advantages

This product has made it possible for agriculture, industry and commerce to obtain a faster, biologically balanced recovery of wastewaters, solid wastes, and plant and animal residues.

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