Solar Power

Solar Power

This solution offers solar power generation for residential, industrial, and municipal systems using micro grids.

Micro grids are a small, local energy system that allow strategically targeted areas/communities to develop individual electrical grids very quickly and inexpensively compared to other alternatives.

The micro grid market includes remote communities, campuses, cities, commercial, military, mining and other resource development applications. Diesel displacement in remote communities has the most urgent needs and makes most economic sense.

This can generate substantial revenue from the project for multiple decades in parallel to improving quality of life for its citizens.

Where desired, Power Purchase Agreements can be arranged with the following benefits:

Positive cash flow from day 1 through the end of the PPA term: 15 to 25 year PPA terms.

Energy hedge for utility rate escalation: As utility rates increase, savings will increase.

Marketing Differentiator: Promote the business sustainability and carbon footprint reduction efforts/results.
No operating risk: The business is obligated to buy only the energy generated. Maintenance is an obligation of the PPA provider.

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