Polymer Construction

Polymer Construction

This system has a focus on green construction products and techniques.   It uses is a green bio-based polymer binder which exhibits zero leaching. Because it is a cold mixed product, it has a 75% reduction in carbon emissions during installation, compared to hot mix asphalt.  When used with crushed stone, its life cycle is similar to asphalt.

There is virtually no maintenance once laid and its life cycle keeps it in operation longer than any comparable product on the market. These features make this the best choice for sustainable natural pavement.

These technologies are used by the world’s leading energy
companies, road builders, and governments to construct infrastructures for environmental
and sustainable building projects.

The product has proven equal or superior to asphalt in the following Laboratory tests.

1. Density
2. Compressive Strength
3. Stability
4. Absorption
5. Sheer Strength
6. Freeze Thaw x 200 cycles
7. Rut tests
8. Static and Dynamic Slip Resistance tests
9. Rotational Penetrometer Testing
10. TCLP Leech Test

Product has proven superior to all other soil stabilization products.

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