Fuel Catalyst Effects
On NOx

The combination of lower exhaust temperatures, quicker heat transfer, a reduction in available excess oxygen and the removal of deposits, causes a noticeable reduction in the amount of NOx emissions produced

Fuel Catalyst Effects
On SOx

The treatment of carbon-based fuels with our Fuel Catalyst has a significant effect on trace sulfur combustion chemistry. Numerous field tests run in diesel engines, gasoline engines and open flame applications (boilers) have consistently demonstrated a reduction of sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions. Our Fuel Catalyst reduces the gaseous sulfur emissions. Sulfur related acid corrosion problems are also significantly reduced.

Field Test Summary

We did a fuel economy evaluation with our Fuel Catalyst on a fleet of 40 vehicles over ten months. The result was an average of 9.5% improvement in fuel economy.

Petroleum Fuel Catalyst

Fuel Catalyst

A compound that serves to significantly improve effectiveness in the combustion chamber of an engine or generator thereby improving efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

It has applications in the Power Generation industry and the Transportation Industry.

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