Pain Cream

Pain Cream

U.S. and internationally patented homeopathic pain relief gel effective for temporary relief of minor aches, and pains of joints and muscles associated with:

Simple Backache
Sports Injuries
Stiff Neck

Sore Back
Minor Injuries
Minor Inflammation
Work Injuries

Exercise Inflammation
Stiff Back
Minor Falls
Minor Muscle Spasm
Sore Muscles
Sore Knees
Sore Joints

It is a combination of 9 different homeopathically prepared plant and flower materials in 11 potencies for maximum pain relief.  Homeopathy helps stimulate the body's immune response and helps initiate the healing process without toxic side effects like some conventional drugs.  It is an over-the-counter (OTC) natural drug that can be sold without a prescription.

How to Use:

This crystal clear gel is virtually odor free, and quickly dries in a few minutes while relieving pain. Furthermore, it does not stain, sting, burn (like capsaicin), numb, or irritate the skin as some other topical analgesic drugs do. On the contrary, it contains vegetable glycerin and calendula which leave the skin smooth and soft. To apply, just use a small dab on the fingertip and spread across the skin and allow it to dry. It should not be massaged, or wrapped, or applied with heat onto the skin. At the start of a painful injury, it can be applied about every 15 to 30 minutes—and then up to 4 times daily. Apply only when pain is present.

It can be used in even the closest social situations such as at the theater, on planes, at church, dinner parties, etc. It does not contain strong smelling camphor, menthol, wintergreen, etc. which can be socially embarrassing.

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