About: Nick Scott

Nick Scott - Managing Partner and CEO, Global Merit Group, LLC

Born and educated in the UK Nick graduated from the Royal Agricultural College before pursuing a career in marketing and sales. After 4 years in the real estate business, Nick started a consultancy company with 2 Australian partners that did recruitment, training and placement of sales teams throughout Europe in the real estate industry. Focusing on sales and management psychology the company averaged an increase in sales productivity of over 500% after a 3 week engagement.

In 1990, Nick moved to the US and helped in the relief effort and reconstruction after Hurricane Andrew in South Florida. He then became involved in the telecommunication industry. Having recruited and trained an international sales and distribution organization for an independent company, Nick started Lynx Telecommunications Corp in 1996 and built a distribution sales channel representing BellSouth. Lynx became the most successful agent/partner of BellSouth and Nick served on the BellSouth Steering Committee and was the Co-Chairman during the merger with AT&T before joining the AT&T Advisory Council after the merger. Lynx continues to operate as a Master Agent for AT&T and focuses on assisting businesses in understanding and incorporating the complex solutions needed to be successful in today's business environment.

After 20 years in the telecommunication and IT field Nick has come to understand the complexities of introducing new technologies into well established markets. He strongly believes that the next 20 years will be driven by the need to integrate new technologies in the fields of agriculture, health and hygiene, water and education in order to resolve many of the issues being confronted by the world today.

In 2009 Nick moved to Park City, Utah with his family and had the good fortune to meet with the individuals who are now founding partners in Global Merit Group and whose combined knowledge, experiences and relationships bring the capability to deliver products and services in need of markets together with communities in need of those solutions. Together we can, must and will succeed.

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