Our Mission

Our purpose is to bring together innovative technologies, create sustainable solutions, and enhance the quality of life for all -Something EVERYONE can be proud to live for.

The Global Merit Group's mission is threefold:
  1. Discover products that enhance the quality of life for people everywhere, i.e., products with exceptional merit;
  2. Meet with people, ask questions, and listen carefully to them about their needs and wants;
  3. When appropriate, recommend, deliver, and support solutions from our select product portfolio.
By accomplishing our mission, we strongly believe all stakeholders will benefit from and be very proud of their association with Global Merit Group.

Our Story:

Global Merit Group is a team of business professionals who have founded and run successful businesses. We have led and followed, taught and mentored. Most importantly we have learned to listen. We understand the difficulties of bringing products to market. We are all entrepreneurial souls. Our quest is to find and promote products of the highest quality and cost effectiveness. Our process includes evaluating and elevating the capabilities of the vendors we partner with. We offer marketing opportunities, channels and contacts that come only with years of experience and the establishment of trust that we have earned. We believe our strengths bring great value to our partners.

United first by a common interest in and a desire to change the economics farming, we have grown in to a multi-product platform with international reach. The quest for Agricultural solutions has led to the discovery of additional innovative solutions.

Our quest is to find and promote products of the highest quality and cost effectiveness.

We will continue to introduce products and services that provide real solutions to human need.