About: Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson - Managing Partner and VP Marketing, Global Merit Group, LLC

Over 25 years in business development and sales and marketing. Mr. Anderson began his business career with IBM and AT&T in sales and marketing, training development and product management.

Since 1984, he has been involved with 15 start-ups - one third of which were acquired by larger companies. Dennis has helped secure over $11M in funding for small businesses through development of business, marketing and operations plans. The businesses include manufacturers, social networks, business software solutions, picture management sites, telecom auditing, etc. He has served as senior account executive with NCR Teradata where he was responsible for marketing and selling high tech Business Intelligence/CRM solutions to SMB's and large businesses.

His international experience includes co-founding Logotronix, a telecoms equipment manufacturer, and International GeoTel a long distance telecom provider. He served as Executive VP for both companies. GeoTel acquired dozens of independent agents and thousands of customers throughout the world - including customers in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Phillipines, China, Japan, and the Middle East and in Europe.

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