About: Bill Jones

Bill Jones - Managing Partner and Director - Projects and Installations, Global Merit Group, LLC

Mr. Jones' career adventures have included principle positions in: Construction, Manufactured Housing, Resort and Commercial Development with direct responsibility for project management of developments valued in excess of 2.5 Billion. He successfully directed a team responsible for 125 hotel renovation projects in an 18 month period. Along the way Bill has invested in and directed retail sales organizations, software development for resort and vacation management.

Since retiring from construction and development, Bill has sought out and invested in new technologies. He has served as Chairman and CEO of Agricultural products manufacturers and remains close to this sector with a passion for making organic farming superior in quality, yield, and cost to produce. As a partner in GMG, Bill brings skills in business and project management which he will apply to the development and mentoring of new business innovators as we assist them in bringing new products and services to market.

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