About: Allen Farr

Allen Farr - Managing Partner and CFO, Global Merit Group LLC

Mr. Farr has 30 years experience in the Agricultural industry, managing a 2,000 Acre farm, updating all aspects of the business, and pioneering advanced farming methods. He largely replaced commercial fertilizers with natural products, increasing the health and vitality of the soil and doubling production, while greatly reducing water consumption. Allen's farming methods have become nationally recognized. He has consulted across the nation, and overseas. He has hosted visitors to the farm from around the world.

In 2005, Allen and his brother Kyle founded Biological Services International, a company devoted to promoting Healthy Agricultural products and practices globally. He currently serves as President and CEO. He is Co-founder and principal for Global Biological Science Group, a company bringing life-saving, new technologies to the world. Currently serves on the Board of Directors for Renew, Inc., a like-minded company. Allen is passionate about improving the quality of life for people around the world by providing good quality food, water, education and sanitary practices.

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