About Global Merit Group, LLC

The Global Merit Group, LLC is a privately held sales and marketing company with a strategic focus on promoting new technologies in health, food, water, solar power and other technologies for domestic and international markets. We have special focus on promoting innovative products in developing countries. With headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company is building a foundation to serve basic human needs through the introduction of unique, affordable, and sustainable solutions.

The Company possesses a comprehensive understanding of solution marketing and sales whereby we explore the needs of a market place first, then introduce solutions when and where appropriate. Our mandate is to help make life better for millions of people worldwide through the effective introduction of products with great merit and with potential sustainability. An underlying premise is that excellent solutions are available, but complete end-to-end deployment of those solutions ensuring sustainability is frequently missing.

We are driven by the compassion for the less fortunate around the globe. Through years of experience and knowledge in domestic and/or international business development, project management, sales and marketing, farming, operations, manufacturing, etc. we bring a unique ability to deliver on behalf of the Company's stakeholders - and especially to deliver on behalf of the end users of the products we promote.

Nick Scott
Managing Partner
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Allen Farr
Managing Partner
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Bill Jones
Managing Partner
Director - Projects and Installations
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Dennis Anderson
Managing Partner
VP Marketing
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Lou Harris
In House Legal Counsel and Board Member
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